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Winner of the 1997 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, the RACE TRAITOR anthology contains selections from the first five issues of the journal which first appeared in the fall of 1992. Articles from the anthology available online:

Abolish the White Race

Aux Armes! Formez vos Bataillons!

Free to Be Me

When Does the Unreasonable Act Make Sense?

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A complete listing of contents of RACE TRAITOR back issues and information about their availability.

Number 1 - Winter 1993

Number 2 - Summer 1993
Number 3 - Spring 1994
Number 4 - Winter 1995
Number 5 - Spring 1996
Number 6 - Summer 1996
Number 7 - Spring 1997
Number 8 - Winter 1998
Number 9 - Summer 1998
Number 10 - Winter 1999
Number 11 - Spring 2000
Number 12 - Spring 2001
Number 13-14 - Summer 2001


Readers' comments and editorial responses plus letters from RACE TRAITOR #7

Complete listing and description of online feature articles and editorials.

Abolish the White Race
Editorial [RT#1 Winter 1993]

Abolition and the New Society
Editorial [RT#12 Spring 2001]

The Abolition of Whiteness and Black Freedom Movement
Robin D. G. Kelley's address to the May 1997 RACE TRAITOR Conference.

Abolitionism and "White Studies"
Based on a talk given by Noel Ignatiev at UC Riverside 2/98
[RT#10 Winter 1999]

Aux Armes! Formez vos Bataillons!
Editorial [RT#5 Winter 1996]

Black and White and Dead All Over: The Lucasville Insurrection
Staughton Lynd on the 1993 Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF) Lucaville, Ohio inmate rebellion. [RT#8, Winter 1998]

Chiapas & Montana: Tierra Y Libertad
James Murray asks "Why does the left lavish support on the Zapatistas and fear and loath the militias?" [RT#8, Winter 1998]

Free to be Me
From RT#3, Spring 1994

New Abolitionist Society
Report on the May 1997 RACE TRAITOR Conference in New York City.

Open Letter to President Clinton and Governor Keating
A modest proposal regarding convicted mass murderer Timothy McVeigh and the serving of justice.[PAPER TIGERS, Fall 1997]

Other Races
Editors Reply [RT#6 Summer 1996]

The Point Is Not To Interpret Whiteness But To To Abolish It
Noel Ignatiev's paper presented at the April 1997 UC Berkeley conference, "The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness"

Renew the Legacy of John Brown
Call for John Brown Day 1999
[RT#10 Winter 1999]

Surrealism: Revolution Against Whiteness
Introduction to the special issue edited by the Chicago Surealist Group.
[RT#9 Summer 1998]

The ROGUE Debate
Transcript of a debate sponsored by ROGUE, the AOL magazine of culture and politics, between Noel Ignatiev and San Jose immigration attorney Dale Warner on the topic: Are Irish-Americans White?

Until It Hurts
Editorial [RT#5 Winter 1996]

When Does the Unreasonable Act Make Sense?
Editorial [RT#3 Spring 1994]

White Blues
by Paul Garon, blues historian and LIVING BLUES editor [RT#4, Winter 1995]

The Huck Finn Symposium
A collection of three essays on the American classic [RT#2, Summer 1993]

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Tracking media coverage of the new abolitionism and our response.

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What We Believe [61K]
The RACE TRAITOR mission statement prepared as a press sheet.

The Point Is Not To Interpret Whitness But To Abolish It [6 pages, 111K]
RACE TRAITOR editor Noel Ignatiev's paper presented at the University of California-Berkeley conference, "The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness," April 1997

Z Magazine Interview with Noel Ignatiev [11 pages, 109K]
Interview with RACE TRAITOR editor Noel Ignatiev by Danny Postel, Z Magazine, from March 1997

Race Traitor Anthology [51K]
One page press sheet for the RACE TRAITOR Anthology published by Routledge, 1996.

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