Salon Magazine, published a typically disengaged hip-cynical piece, "Honky Blues," on the burgeoning academic field of "White Studies." While author Tim Duggan does credits RACE TRAITOR as having "an extensive web site," he fails to distinguish the activities of new abolitionists from the career opportunists in academia. A Salon editor was offered Noel Igantiev's paper The Point Is Not To Interpret Whiteness But To Abolish It that was presented at the April 1997 "The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness" "white studies" conference at University of California, Berkeley, but declined with all jounalistic sincerity as they had just did their "race" piece.

MSNBC commentator Eric Liu's White Like Me: The Unbearable Being of Whiteness in the June 13, 1997 SLATE recommends "for the ultimate take on whiteness, consult Race Traitor magazine ("treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity")". This opinion piece surveys "white power" and the emergence of "white studes" and concludes "For it is whiteness - not blackness - that is the original sin of identity politics."

  Salon Magazine screen shot