RACE TRAITOR, treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity

Table of Contents


The Chicago Surrealist Group: Introduction

Surrealists on Whiteness, from 1925 to the Present

Franklin Rosemont: Surrealism - Revolution Against Whiteness

J. Allen Fees: Burning the Days

Dave Roediger: Plotting Against Eurocentrism

Pierre Mabille: The Marvelous Basis of a Free Society

Philip Lamantia: The Days Fall Asleep with Riddles

The Surrealist Group of Madrid: Beyond Anti-Racism

Penelope Rosemont: Nancy Cunard - "Thinking Sympathetically Black"

Nancy Cunard: "Does Anyone Know Any Negroes?" (1931)

Myrna Bell Rochester: René Crevel: Critic of White Patriarchy

René Crevel: The Black Woman in the Brothel (1931)

Surrealist Group of France: Murderous Humanitarianism (1932)

Ronnie Burk: Racist Clichés in the U.S.A.

Irene Plazewska: Dream Constellations

Paul Garon: Psychiatry's White Problem - Racism as Therapy

Eric Bragg: Miserabilism and the New Eugenics

Larry Romano: Oh Sisters of Haiti

Artur do Cruzeiro Seixas: My Escape to Africa

Franklin Rosemont: Jacques Vaché, One-Man War Against Whiteness

Joseph Jablonski: Lord Buckley

Ron Sakolsky: Harry Smith's American Dreamscape

Charles Radcliffe: Whitewashing the Blues

Daniel C. Boyer: Are You Crazy? Mental Illness & Whiteness

The Surrealist Movement in the U.S.: For Tyree Guyton

Hilary Booth: We're Sorry He's Not Sorry

Ronnie Burk: The Forecast Is Hot! Tracts of the Surrealist Movement in the U.S., 1966-1976, by Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont and Paul Garon. . .126 /// Dennis Brutus: Black on White: Black Writers on What it Means to Be White, edited by Dave Roediger. . .128 /// Tom Moon: Blues and the Poetic Spirit by Paul Garon. . .129 /// F. R.: Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere by Jayne Cortez. . .131 /// Dave Roediger: Yo' Mama's Disfunktional by Robin D. G. Kelley. . .132 /// Rachel Blackwell: The Story of Mary MacLane & Other Writings, edited by Penelope Rosemont. . .134 /// Warren Leming: From Bughouse Square to the Beat Generation: Selected Ravings of Slim Brundage, edited/introduced by Franklin Rosemont. . . 135 /// Peter Lamborn Wilson: Paschal Beverly Randolph: A 19th2DCentury Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian and Sex Magician by John P. Deveney. . .137 /// F. R.: Bed of Sphinxes by Philip Lamantia. . .138
Victor Brauner, Ronnie Burk, Laura Corsigilia, Artur do Cruzeiro Seixas, Robert Green, Ted Joans, Ribitch, Marko Ristic, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, Joel Williams, Haifa Zangana

Guest Editor: Franklin Rosemont


Editors: John Garvey, Beth Henson, Noel Ignatiev, Adam Sabra

Contributing Editors: Adbul Alkalimat, John Bracey, Kingsley Clarke, Selwyn Cudjoe, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, James W. Fraser, Carolyn Karcher, Robin D. G. Kelley, Louis Kushnick, Kathryne V. Lingberg, Kimathi Mohammed, Theresa Perry, Eugene F. Rivers III, Phil Rubio, Vron Ware