RACE TRAITOR, treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity - issue 10, Winter 1999

Table of Contents


Renew the Legacy of John Brown

Noel Ignatiev: Abolitionism and the White Studies Racket

Ann Filemyr: Resisting Arrest

Rebecca Clark: Hunting Whiteness

Martin Espada: Postcard from the Empire of Queen Ixolib

Loren Goldner: Race and Enlightenment (Part II)

James Tracy: Jaime the Chameleon

Brown Family Letters

Beth Henson: Plowshares into Swords: John Brown and the Poet of Rage

Lauren Onkey: Constructing Whiteness at the Gates of Hell: Black 47's "Five Points"

Poems: Victoria Marinelli, Michael Gregory



Editors: John Garvey, Beth Henson, Noel Ignatiev, Adam Sabra

Contributing Editors: John Bracey, Kingsley Clarke, Selwyn Cudjoe, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, James W. Fraser, Carolyn Karcher, Robin D. G. Kelley, Louis Kushnick, Kathryne V. Lingberg, Theresa Perry, Phil Rubio, Vron Ware