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Readers' Poll

As RACE TRAITOR begins its third year on the WWW, we thought it was time to ask our online readers to tell us something about themselves, what they think of our web site, how they use it and what they want to see it become.

The print journal has just published its eighth issue and the Routledge Press anthology of the first five issues, in addition to winning a major book award, is already in a second edition. While "new media" like the Web has proven to be an especially effective means for disseminating the new abolitionism, its practical workings remains somewhat elusive.

This poll is an initial attempt to gather viewpoints and numbers from a few of the thousands of visitors to RACE TRAITOR over the last two years. All responses are confidential but we've included a checkbox if you'd like to permit your general comments to be posted to the site, with or without your name.

Thanks for taking the time to complete our first readers' poll. We'll be analyzing the responses and posting the results and selected comments early in the New Year.

How long have you been visiting the site?

How did you first learn of the site?

Have you referred other people to the site?
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Are you currently a subscriber to the print journal?
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How many issues of the print journal, if any, have you read?

Have you read the RACE TRAITOR Anthology?

Have you written to RACE TRAITOR through the web site?

Have you printed out articles from the web site to distribute to others?

RACE TRAITOR has just started a small online library of articles using Adobe Acrobat PDF cross-platform document files. Have you ever used Acrobat PDF files before?

Would you like to participate in a RACE TRAITOR moderated mailing list about the new abolitionism?
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Would you like to participate in a regular RACE TRAITOR Internet chat forum?
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How would you improve the web site and what features would you like to see added in the coming year?

Rate your Web "savvy"
From "19th Century surfer" to "cybernaut" (1 to 7)
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The following section is optional and its not our intention to try and fit our readers into narrow slots. Its simply demographic shorthand, and what we'd really appreciate is a brief self-description.

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General Comments about RACE TRAITOR and the web site

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Thanks again for taking our Readers' Poll.