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PDF - Portable Document Format - files are a Internet standard file type that utilizes a subset of Adobe's PostScript language, the publishing industry's standard for digital reproduction. These files are both platform and device independent, meaning they can be viewed and printed over a variety of platforms such as Macintosh, Windows, Unix and other operating systems, and output with any Postscript enabled device.

These PDF files have been optimized for web delivery and require Acrobat Reader 3.O or Acrobat Exchange 3.0

Acrobat Reader is available for free downloading from the Adobe website.



In order to view, navigate and print PDF files through your Web browser, you must copy or move the PDFViewer plug-in from the Acrobat Reader' Web Browser Plug-in folder into your browser's Plug-in's folder, and then restart the browser application. This allows for inline viewing and interaction with a PDF file inside your browser window. For a complete listing of Web browsers supporting inline viewing of PDF files visit the Adobe site.


Web Browser Plug-in


If you choose not to use the PDFViewer plug-in or if your browser does not support inline viewing, you can assign Acrobat Reader as a helper application in your brower's Preferences setup. Instead of viewing inline through your browser window, clicking on a PDF link will begin the downloading of the file to your hard disk. Once downloading is complete, Acrobat Reader will be launched and will open the file for viewing and printing. Specific instructions for configuring Acrobat Reader as a helper application for most popular Web browsers, see Adobe's help page.

If you need additional help, contact pdf@racetraitor.org.



What We Believe
The RACE TRAITOR mission statement prepared as a press sheet.
The Point Is Not To Interpret Whitness But To Abolish It
RACE TRAITOR editor Noel Ignatiev's paper presented at the University of California-Berkeley conference, "The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness," April 1997
[6 pages, 109K]
Z Magazine Interview with Noel Ignatiev
Interview with RACE TRAITOR editor Noel Ignatiev by Danny Postel, Z Magazine, from March 1997
[11 pages, 109K]
Race Traitor Anthology
One page press sheet for the RACE TRAITOR Anthology published by Routledge, 1996. Contains active links when viewed within a web browser