RACE TRAITOR - treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity

An Open Letter to President Clinton, Washington D.C.
and Governor Keating, Oklahoma City, OK

[Reprinted from PAPER TIGERS]

October 17, 1997

Dear Sirs:

Timothy McVeigh is now a convicted mass murderer. Through an application of his army training and street physics he detonated a large bomb that killed babies and federal employees. McVeigh is personally responsible for the most deadly terrorist attack in American history. He broke the Heartland. And now he has been sentenced in an open court to die for his crime. But a crime of such horror and magnitude demands more than death for the Guilty if Justice is to be served. Such a crime demands the Ultimate Penalty if closure is to be reached by the victims.

President Clinton, Governor Keating, this is the reason I am writing you two gentlemen today. I (as a resident of Oklahoma and the United States) stand squarely with the Victims of the Bombing as they cry out for Justice to be served. And for Justice to be served it is not enough to kill McVeigh, he must be eaten, preferably by the Victims of his crime. Only this will repair the broken Heartland.

I will admit that eating McVeigh is an unorthodox form of punishment, but he did commit the Ultimate Crime, and so such an Ultimate Penalty is fitting. I humbly suggest that we take this opportunity to take a firm stand against those who would use unlicensed explosive devices to kill babies and federal employees. We must eat McVeigh. Eating McVeigh would be Justice, it would be closure, it would be "Biblical" (in the Old Testament, Hungry God sense of the word).

Of course there would be logistical problems. There are hundreds of Victims and McVeigh apparently weighs less than two hundred pounds. Perhaps a lottery system could be set up, with McVeigh's corpse presented in a shish-kabob manner. Imagine a large public ceremony attended by Victims and Dignitaries in which McVeigh is consumed. Perhaps Garth Brooks could perform patriotic songs while McVeigh is being eaten. Perhaps a special prize could be given to the person receiving the portion of McVeigh that contains the microchip.

President Clinton, Governor Keating, you men have large executive staffs that are used to solving problems. I know you gentlemen can come up with something. I hope you two will consider my suggestion and begin tweaking the political machinery to make it happen!


Janusz Murphy
PO Box 2945
Tulsa OK 74101-2945