RACE TRAITOR - treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity

Burning the Days


Nothing screams louder today than the urgent need to attack "whiteness," white supremacy, the sickening myth of the white race, and to do away with the whole crapitalist system that sustains these atrocities. The tension at work, on the streets, and in social gathering places is straining more and more every day with the momentum of history. Surely we can do nothing less than help it along, doing our best to build a new, non-repressive society in the spirit of an absolute freedom that none of us has ever really witnessed in social life. But we have seen glimpses of a desirable future, and we know that white supremacy is one of the most repressive and genocidal forces holding all of us back from multiplying these instances of freedom, and from realizing them collectively in a new way of life.

Who am I? It seems only a few of us know who we are (early warning: don't doubt a doubter), but getting to be who we want to be tends to be further and further from our hands because, in the existing state of things, our hands are often what somebody else is (i.e., the bosses). I was born on December 30 in one of the more tumultuous years in this century: 1968. I grew up in Iowa and lived there until graduating two months early from high school to move to Arizona. For the next seven years I wrote science fiction (in the "cyberpunk" sub genre; none ever published), and gathered my hatred of the present genocidal system. In 1994 I got the first (and only) job I've ever had in my life. In the same year I also came across a book that had been whispering out through the mist to me, drawing me to it from past links that I had added to my chain of screaming signs for change: What Is Surrealism? Selected Writings of André Breton. All I can say is that from then until now events and ideas have kept falling into place and, for me, there is no turning back.

Atheist, revolutionary, dialectician, historical materialist, poet: This truly is how I describe myself to people I meet. In 1996 I got my first and only tattoo. Remembering a quotation from Jacques Vaché that I'd come across a few years ago - about his wanting to be a member of a purposeless Chinese secret society in Australia - I had emblazoned in plain sight six very simple yet penetrating words in Chinese: Poetry Love Freedom Dream Desire Revolution.

My individualism involves those magic moments on the road to a better life for five billion people (yes, my individualism), and even what I've done that no one else knows I've done. People will one day turn a corner and see glimmering through the cracks of the sidewalk a jumping point toward a better life under their feet. Their chains, our chains, are easily broken by the very hands that forged them.

"One of the engaging paradoxes of our existence - which strip mathematics of meaning - is that a million times a crime is patriotism" (Charles Fort). Today, in the U.S., those who believe they are part of the "white race," but who are not necessarily aware of the fact that this very belief makes them racist and therefore part of the problem, are busy congratulating themselves that racism has been officially ended. In their completely distorted and self-serving view, "everyone else" is now, as a result of corrective changes made since the 1960s, assimilated and integrated into supposedly equal cultures of diversity. What these apologists for whiteness refuse to acknowledge is that the cultures of diversity that make up these United States are in truth largely stolen cultures, brutally exploited and manipulated by giant corporations owned and operated by rich white men, and backed (as well as subsidized, at your expense and mine) by an inherently white supremacist government. This white corporate power and its state machinery make up what is called the White Power Structure, and if you don't see that it's still intact today, you're not looking very hard.

Chipping away at the window-dressing of this structure, by means of reforms and education, may be useful, but it never will be enough to overturn and destroy the structure itself. Immense and complicated as it may seem, however, this genocidal system is not that hard to decipher, or to tear down. For what holds the White Power Structure together is the disgusting mysticism of whiteness, the groundless belief that such a thing as the "white race" really exists, and the pitiful system of "benefits" granted to obedient members of the "white club."

Nonconformity is our best weapon. When enough of those who happen to have "white" skin realize that the so-called white race is nothing more than a horrendous, life-threatening self-deception, the White Power Structure will collapse from the inside, and we can all get on with the task of building a new life for all.

At the place I work everyone has to wear a name tag. On mine, however, you'll find neither my name nor the name of the company I supposedly represent. It simply says Race Traitor.

Surrealist poet J. Allen Fees lives in Arizona, where he is currently pursuing his interests in autism and tap dancing.