New Abolitionist Banned From Washington Prisons

The Department of Corrections in the state of Washington recently banned The New Abolitionist from its prisons on the grounds that it "discriminates against caucasians." The ban is currently under review, but for now no copies of the newsletter are getting into Washington prisons.

A prisoner sent us the following letter in reference to the ban:

I am writing to notify you that the Dept. of Corrections has initiated a state wide ban on The New Abolitionist. I hope your legal department will file suit against the DOC for violation of the First Amendment-freedom of speech, etc.

I am caucasian and have never taken offense at any of the writings in your newsletter. Please let me know of any new developments. Thank you.

Charles Post #628194 / Monroe Corr. Complex, TRU / PO Box 888 / Monroe, WA 98272-0888

The newsletter has also been rejected by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice because "Publication contains material that a reasonable person would construe as written solely for the purpose of communicating information designed to achieve a breakdown of prisons though inmate disruption such as strikes or riots."

The New Abolitionist is currently seeking legal counsel in these matters. If you or anyone you know can be of any assistance, please contact the Boston chapter.

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